Review: Zone 22

zone22 cover

Title: Zone 22
Author: Tig Hague
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Release Date: 2008
Pages: 391
Genre(s): Nonfiction, Biography
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❝ When Tig Hague kissed goodbye to his girlfriend Lucy, he was already thinking of his return. The couple were going house-hunting, looking for their first home together. Tig was only going to be gone a few days on a routine business trip – the annual highlight of an otherwise unglamorous job working on the Russian desk of a London bank.
But just hours later something went wrong at Moscow airport. Very wrong.

Misunderstanding a request from customs for a backhander to speed his progress into the country, Tig was pulled to one side to have his bag searched. A deliberate inconvenience, he thought.

But Tig’s world was about to implode with dizzying, terrifying speed. A tiny lump of hashish, nothing more than detritus from a recent stag weekend, was discovered in the pocket of an old pair of jeans. Too small to warrant anything more than a slapped wrist back home, he hadn’t even known it was there.

The thing about Zone 22 is that it isn’t a great book, but it does tell a very interesting and horrifying story. It is a true story about a British man who ends up in a gulag-like camp in Russia.Continue reading