Review: The Longest Ride

Title: The Longest Ride
AuthorNicholas Sparks
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Release Date: September 17th 2013
Pages: 398
Genre(s): Romance
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❝ After being trapped in an isolated car crash, the life of elderly widower Ira Levinson becomes entwined with that of young college student. Ira Levinson, ninety-one years old and already in poor health, is just holding on; remaining alert only because his wife Ruth, who has died, appears as an image to help him remember their life together: how they met, the paintings they collected and the dark days of WW2.Just a few miles away, Sophia, a Wake Forest college student’s life is about to change forever as she meets an unexpected love, Luke. Luke is a cowboy and risk-taking bull-rider, unlike anyone she has ever known. Together they experience the joys of love as well as the difficulties that come with Luke’s dangerous career.❞

The Longest Ride turned out to be a very dull read. I felt no connection whatsoever with the characters and if it wasn’t for the ending, I might have even given it one star.Continue reading