I'll See You in Paris CoverTitle: I’ll See You in Paris
Author: Michelle Gable
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Release Date: February 9th 2016
Pages: 400
Genre(s): Historical Fiction
Source: Netgalley
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❝ Laurel’s daughter Annie is newly engaged and an old question resurfaces: who is Annie’s father and what happened to him? Laurel has always been vague about the details and Annie’s told herself it doesn’t matter. But with her impending marriage, Annie has to know everything. Why won’t Laurel tell her the truth?

The key to unlocking Laurel’s secrets starts with a mysterious book about an infamous woman known as the Duchess of Marlborough. Annie’s quest to understand the Duchess, and therefore her own history, takes her from a charming hamlet in the English countryside, to a decaying estate kept behind barbed wire, and ultimately to Paris where answers will be found at last.❞

Netgalley provided me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. This is such a charming book and I enjoyed every second of it!

I’ll See You in Paris is a book with two storylines, with different people in a different time. At the same though, the stories are bound by its many parallels.  I loved how the stories started out separately, but connected as details added up, how they made for one whole in the end.

I was so sure halfway through that I had figured out how this connection worked out exactly and how characters related to each other, but the plot kept making me change my mind. In the end it managed to surprise me multiple times, which kept things interesting.

What was also really interesting is that the book is a combination of fiction and reality. One of the characters in the book was an actual real life person.  To me, the history aspect complemented the fiction parts and it was fun to learn about a historical figure I had no knowledge of yet. This was especially the case since the duchess turned out to be quite the riveting character in her time.

Apart from her, pretty much all characters in the book were interesting. Annie did annoy me at first but I quickly came to appreciate her. However, my favorite characters were definitely Pru, Miss Spencer and the writer. Their constant banter was absolutely hilarious and made me keep turning the pages.

I would honestly recommend I’ll See You in Paris to everyone. The plot and characters keep you both occupied and amused and will leave you with a warm, fuzzy  feeling. long after you have finished reading.

I'll See You in Paris






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  • Two different timelines
  • Connected stories and characters
  • Combination of fiction and reality
  • Very amusing
  • Interesting plot