I haven’t been active on my blog since mid-June, but have just gotten into the reading spirit again. To get things going again properly, I decided that Brilliant Bookshelf could use some improvements. And here we are, on a new website with a custom domain and a new theme! This decision has opened up a wide range of possibilities that I can’t wait to explore. Most of my old reviews and posts have made the move with me and are currently undergoing adjustment, but not all. Looking for something you know was there before? Send me a message!

Some changes to the new website:

  • A new logo
  • I’m no longer working with a star-rating system, each review gets a mark from 1 to 10, with sub-marks for characterization, plot, writing style, pace and setting. That way, readers and authors can derive more information from my reviews.
  • The layout for the reviews has changed.
  • My review policy has changed, meaning that I now also accept reviews requests for audiobooks.
  • A list of all reviews is now present, ordered by author and by title.

Other additions are coming soon.. For now, please take a look around and subscribe if you like what you see!