A little more than a month ago I did something that I never would have dared in the past: I went on vacation by myself and it was amazing. Followers on instagram expressed the wish to see more personal content, so this trip  seems to be a good starting point to do just that, what with the plethora of video footage and photos I took while there.

Travelling alone

In September I spend 8 days by myself on the Greek island Lesvos. My reasoning for going alone was twofold. On the one hand I really needed a break from home after finishing my master’s degree in Criminology, since it had been a ridiculously busy and stressed school year (partly my own fault for taking on extra stuff). However, I completed my thesis towards the end of summer break, which meant most of my friends and family had already been on vacation. On the other hand, I had the sudden urge to travel somewhere on my own and see where that would get me.

And so I went to Lesvos. Not only was the island really beautiful and the weather great, I also had lots of contact with other vacationers, while still being able to do my own thing. I’ve never felt so relaxed before and was never bored or lonely for a second. Check out the video below for an impression of Lesvos!

Places to visit

As one of Greece’s biggest islands, there are a lot of places you can visit on Lesvos.

  • Petra
    • This village is named after the vulcanic monolith rock in the centre that can be reached by climbing 114 steps. Petra means rock in Greek.
    • There’s a long stretch of beach on the boulevard with lots of cozy bars and restaurants to visit.
  • Monastery of Ipsilou/The Monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos
    • The monastery is located on top of the mountain Ordimnos in the western, volcanic part of the Island. It’s 511 metres from sea level, meaning that you get an amazing view. It also features great architecture.
  • Skalochori
    • At Skalochori you can spot freshwater turtles.
  • Vatousa
    • A traditional, picturesque village in the mountains.
  • Sigri
    • Sigri is a village that overlooks a fishing harbour. It’s remote, but pretty. A must see in the village is the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest, which also includes an earthquake simulator. Moreover, there is a castle fortress.
  • Molyvos/Mythimna
    • Molyvos is close to Petra and lies in the Northern part of Lesvos. It’s build on a hill, with a stronghold on top, but also has a really beautiful harbour.
    • There’s a tourist train that travels between Petra and Molyvos that is a lot of fun.
  • Mytilini
    • As the capital of Lesvos, Mytilini is larger and more crowded than the other places. It is named after the daughter of a mythological king. I haven’t spend any time there apart from at the airport, but there is lots to do and see.

What I read

While there, I flew through the books I brought. I finished 6 books in a week, which hasn’t happened in years. I’m finally on track again with my reading challenge!


If you’re still in doubt whether travelling alone is something you enjoy, take the leap!