It’s the last day of year and that means that 2017 is almost over! What better time is there to reflect on the past year?


On a personal level, 2017 was perhaps one of the most stressful but also one of the best years I’ve had, because it was so eventful and contained so many wonderful moments.

In 2017 my Goodreads reading challenge hit an all time low. At the beginning of the year I hoped to read 45 books, only to change it to 40 about a quarter into the year because I was so behind on my reading. In comparison:

  • 2012: 48 books
  • 2014: 56 books
  • 2015: 43 books
  • 2016: 42 books
  • 2017: 40 books

Luckily, I managed to read quite a lot of books while on vacation, but all in all I haven’t really gotten around to reading as much as I would have liked. In addition, most of the books I’ve read had less pages than in previous years and I cheated a bit by adding a few study books. One positive thing is that I’ve really gotten into poetry, which is something that I haven’t really explored before.

Check out my year in books here.

University, graduation & new home

For the most part, my lack of reading collided with my university life. During most of 2017 I worked hard to finish my master’s degree in Criminology, alongside a few subjects for my first year of Law school and a few remaining months as chairwoman in the board of my choir student association. It was definitely worth all the hard work and most often fun and interesting, but I had to read so much for my education and master’s thesis that I could not be botherer to read anything else anymore.

My board year ended in March and I have to admit that I had to get used again to not performing board related tasks and hanging out frequently with my fellow board members anymore. However, it did allow me to focus more on my thesis and remaining subjects, as well as starting to look for a job after graduation.

Another thing that happened this year is that the university magazine had an edition on reviews about halfway through the year. One of my friends from the magazine interviewed me about this blog and a photographer took a picture of me and my books, which was a really fun experience! You can find the short interview here.

I finished my master’s thesis on the framing of hackers in the media in August and had my official graduation in November. This marked the end of my student life and the start of (semi) adult life.

Around the same time I moved to my first solo studio apartment. I had to move out of my old student housing and find something new in the span of three months, which was quite the challenge in a big city and gave me an insane amount of stress. By pure luck, I found a studio at the end of August, which I moved into in September. And so far, it has been great!

Solo vacation on Lesvos

In September I did something that I never in a million years would have expected from myself: I went on vacation to Lesvos by myself. I didn’t have any vacation buddies since I hadn’t been sure when I would finish my thesis and most people had already been. Desperate for some sunshine and relaxation, I decided to go by myself. Even though it felt a bit weird at first, it wasn’t scary at all (which I imagined in advance) and a lot of fun! Here you can read more about the trip.

The first Noël

While I was on vacation, my sister gave birth to her second son: Noël. My family means everything to me, so a new birth is always a big milestone. As soon as I got home from Lesvos on Thursday I took the train to see them. Noël is nowadays still as sweet and cute as the day he was born and I love him to bits.

New job

The big dreadful thing that coincides with graduation is that you have to start looking for a job. I started my job hunt well before graduation, but figured out quickly how frustrating and stressful it can be. I had to learn to deal with rejection and disappointment early on.

However, I was hired as an Anti Money Laundering Consultant by a compliance company in October. Through them, I started at a bank in November and am currently still working there. So far the work has been interesting and my colleagues are great, which makes me beyond happy! I’ve also had more time to read because I need to travel by train everyday and don’t have to study anymore in the evenings.

Happy New Year

So that concludes 2017 for me! It’s been quite the year of milestones I should say and I can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring. It will be an exciting year for sure, since Brilliant Bookshelf will have its 5 year anniversary. But more on that later. Happy New Year everyone!