one more dayTitle: One More Day
Author: Kelly Simmons
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Release Date: February 2nd 2016
Pages: 320
Genre(s): Mystery, Contemporary
Source: Netgalley
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❝  No one wants to be the mother whose child disappears. It’s unthinkable, the stuff of nightmares. But when she turns her back to pay a parking meter, Carrie Morgan becomes that mother. Ben is gone, and more than a year later, it’s clear that he is never coming back.

Until he does…for just twenty-four hours, before once again vanishing from his crib without a trace. Rumors start to circulate through Carrie’s small town. Whispers that she’s seeing things. That her alibi doesn’t quite add up.

Her husband and friends start to think she’s crazy. The police start to think she’s guilty. As the investigation heats up, Carrie must decide what to share, and why. Because the crime is about to be solved… and her secret revealed.❞

Netgalley provided me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Sourcebooks Landmark for letting me participate in the Blog Tour. One More Day was quite different from my initial expectations, but in a good way. I was gladly surprised by the turn the plot took

The plot revolves around the disappearance of a young boy, who is abducted while out of his mother’s sight for only a few minutes. Personally I’m a big fan of mystery novels and the burning question what happened to that little boy made me keep flipping through the pages. There were just enough hints to keep me interested, but not too much as to give it all away too quickly.

Furthermore, there was also a bit of psychology involved as I constantly kept changing my mind about whether the protagonist could be trusted as a narrator, or if she was even completely sane. But also if her husband might have something to do with the disappearance, if their relationship was a healthy one and what the disappearance of a child can do to families.

I had not anticipated in advance that religion and paranormality would play a significant role in the book. I’m not religious myself and I’m usually not a big fan of paranormal themes. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed both aspects so much in One More Day. I thought it was great twist and very fitting. The pace did pick up a bit too much towards the end of the book, but most of my questions were answered and it wrapped things up nicely. The ending was semi-open and very satisfactory in my opinion.

The only thing I was less excited about was that, throughout the book, I did not really feel connected to the characters. Even with an insight in their thought process, even with information about their back stories, I couldn’t help but find the characters distant and a little hard to relate to at times.

However, One More Day was a real page turner for me and an overall interesting read. If you are not a fan of paranormal themes, this might not be your cup of tea. It is most certainly worth a shot though, the author might surprise you!


Kelly Simmons’s One More Day casts a spell over the reader from its tantalizing first pages.

Twisty, psychologically deft and wildly original, it’ll have you guessing until the very end.  Utterly mesmerizing.

Megan Abbott, Edgar Award winning author of The Fever and Dare Me

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About The Author


Kelly is a former journalist and creative advertising director who started writing fiction over fifteen years ago, while studying creative writing and screenwriting at Temple University and University of Pennsylvania. In addition to her critically acclaimed novels (STANDING STILL, THE BIRD HOUSE and ONE MORE DAY) she is developing a TV series and has been writing a memoir for what seems like her entire life.


One More Day






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  • Mystery & psychology
  • Subtle addition of paranormality
  • Satisfying ending


  • Did not feel connected enough to characters